Flats for women you should own according to your sun sign- Part 1 (Aries - Virgo)

Hey gorgeous! Do you believe in the power of sun signs and astrology? Well, I believe, sun signs wield a certain power over our personality, fashion and our footwear too!

If you are confused as to which flats for women will be the best for you, according to your zodiac sign, let SOUL come to your rescue!

1. Aries sun sign (March 21- April 19)


When it comes to fashion, your choice can be comfy footwear that aims to let you shine and project the enthusiasm you possess.

You like to keep your fashion game on! The placement of red hues is extremely important for a confident and strong person like you.

To make your planet rule, SOUL's Cardinal Flats are your comfy footwear to pick.

2. Taurus sun sign (April 20- May 20)


Since Taurean beauties are sensuous and tactile by nature, we know your style has to be synonymous with the 'best'.

You are someone who always looks for the most comfortable walking shoes with classic looks.

As far as the colour scheme goes, it has to be earthy tones like beige, brown and neutrals. SOUL's Nude Nuance collection is just perfect for your personality, it's all about neutral hues and comfort.

You don't believe it, right? Have a look!

3. Gemini sun sign (May 21- June 20)


An upbeat and expressive style is what matches your vibrant persona. Be it flats for women, beach footwear or strappy sandals, it's a colourful and careless game for you.

Since you are free-spirited and don't confine yourself to neutral colours, we know you can don yellow and bright tones with ease and fun.

SOUL's Marigold Flats will be your best friend when you feel like channelling your inner Gemini diva.

4. Cancer sun sign (June 21- July 22)


Since the moon is the ruling planet for Cancerians, they are soft and calm by nature. So, they are always looking for basic timeless picks that can offer them ease and comfort.

The shades that come under your badge are silver, pearl white and cream which hold similarities to the soft hues reflected by the Moon.

SOUL's Snowdrop Flats will be your go-to footwear to stay comfy throughout!

5. Leo sun sign (July 23- August 22)


Sun is what rules the fearless and bold Leo beauties! You need your style to be the centre of attraction and people must look up to you for smart tips, right?

Your flamboyant style incorporates patterns based on colours like yellow, sunshine orange or gold. SOUL's Daffodils Flats are what you need to set the roads on fire!

6. Virgo sun sign (August 23- September 22)


A perfectionist like you, swears by comfy footwear and its functionality. You are practical in your approach and want things well put together.

Your penchant for comfort makes you least bothered about experimenting with your footwear.

Since black and white are usually your colour combos, SOUL's Blackcurrent Flats will be your favourite pair!

With love,

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