You WON’T Believe The Names Of These 5 Go With SOUL Flats!

So, here's the tea, lovely ladies. Naming the Go With SOUL flats that you see on this website is more difficult than you'd expect.

Our Product Conceptualization Team is constantly on its toes (all pun intended!) when it comes to naming new footwear for ladies. Our goal here is to be as unique as possible, so much so that whenever you wear our stylish flats for women, people ask you two questions. One - where did you get these women's flats from? And, two - what is the name of the women's footwear?

As soon as the second question is asked, you launch into a fun answer explaining the equally fun names of our women's flats online!

To help you do that, this blog lists five such comfortable women's flats that are creatively named and perfect for starting interesting conversations!

1. Cream Colorblocked Toe Ring Flats

Cream Colorblocked Toe Ring Flats

Reminiscent of everybody's favorite Italian dessert, these stylish flats for women may not be yummy but they leave a delicious feeling when you wear them while going out.

They are made with PU leather and cushioned for 24/7 comfort.

2. Brown & WhiteToe RIng Flats

Brown & WhiteToe RIng Flats

Go With SOUL wouldn't be what it is without such innovatively named footwear for women.

These open-toe flats online are the perfect semi-formal add-ons to your classy attire for the day or night. The color combination of brown and white will constantly remind you of an ice cream that is as tempting as these women's flats!

3. Black Toe Ring Flats

Black Toe Ring Flats

Don't worry! We didn't name these slip-on black flats after any sweet dish.

We call them Blackcurrent because they leave an electrifying impression behind and are always trending!

Plus, you know how black is such an all-purpose color, one that you can pair up with any outfit! So, owning black slip-on footwear just makes sense.

4. Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats

Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats

Inspired by our all-time favorite flowers, the Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats by Go With SOUL lift your spirits the moment you see them. Further, they envelop your feet in their soft, cushioned embrace.

It is certainly soul and sole care simultaneously!

5. Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats

Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats

It doesn't matter whether you know the French phrase 'et voilà!' or not. Because now you will never forget it.

For context purposes, it means 'there we are!' when translated into English. It expresses a feeling of satisfaction and conveys an emotion one feels when they have accomplished something amazing when least expecting it.

That's exactly what happened with us while naming these Go With SOUL flats. We had our'et voilà!' moment and hence, named this comfortable footwear for women 'Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats' by playing around with one alphabet.

Before we depart, we'd like to state that one of our other goals is to stand out from a sea of other comfortable footwear brands for ladies. Many online stores sell women's slip-on footwear but we'd like to add that unique edge to our products and hence, the quirky names. We hope you enjoyed wearing them just as much as we enjoyed naming them.

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