Learn How To Upcycle Your Shoebox From Team Go With SOUL

Imagine this: your flat footwear for women by Go With SOUL has been safely tucked into your shoebox. But, what's next? What if your next move is to place your priced flats in a shoe cabinet? What happens to your dear shoebox? Well, we may have some interesting solutions as to how you can upcycle your shoebox.

While your flat footwear remains safe in a no-dust and no-pest area, your shoebox doesn't have to get wasted or thrown into the trash. You can upcycle it with five of our DIY tricks.

Ready to know what they are? Here we go.

1. Ribbon organizer

Whether ribbon decoration is your thing because you are the crafty type or you use hair ribbons, we feel that your shoebox can be the next best place for it!

Just make a cardboard railing into the box itself so that the ribbons can be hung separately. This will also allow you to pick the one you want, without fearing entanglement.

If you do manage to store your ribbons in this manner, we guarantee that you will be doing Earth a favor by recycling so creatively.

2. Decorative wall shelves

Don't store your books in these decorative wall shelves, that's for sure! But these DIY decorative wall shelves made from your shoebox can create a beautiful allure in your room.

Spray paint your shoebox and wrap it in decorative paper. Then, grab a glue stick, a screwdriver, and two screws and get to work!

Some light decorations can surely be stored on this decorative wall shelf!

That way, the next time someone sees this innovation in your room, you can use the following phrase for an explanation-"Reduce. Reuse. Recycle."!

3. Cable and card organizer

So many cables lying around and so many cards to sift through. What to do? Go With SOUL has a perfect idea!

Take some toilet paper and roll your stray cables into them and store them in your DIY shoebox to create the most humbled-down version of a cable and wire organizer

The same goes for cards. Either categorize and stack them accordingly or keep each of them in such a way that they don't tumble upon each other.

4. Earring organizer

Has your perfect earring set been incomplete for a while because you just cannot find its other half? Don't worry, we got you, ladies from Go With SOUL!

All you have to do is poke some holes into the lid of your DIY shoebox and now you can hang them onto the holes and find them when you’re looking for them!

5. Hair accessories organizer

It's no secret that hair accessories for women exist in abundance. Hair clips, hair bands, clutches..the list goes on and on.

Among all these, there are flower hair accessories also - extremely popular these days during pre-wedding functions. They also need to be stored properly.

Enter: your DIY shoebox that can serve as the best DIY organizer.

Make sure you segment the shoebox in such a way that all the hair accessories are easily viewable at a glance.

This brings us to the end of this Go With SOUL blog, written straight from Jaipur city. We hope that our DIY tricks help you sort out different aspects of your getting-ready process. We have curated them in such a way that they not only save you money but also help you contribute positively to the environment.

Stay tuned for more such helpful blogs from Team Go With SOUL.

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