How To Pack SOUL Flats And Save Space In Your Suitcase?

Hi, dearest SOUL ladies! We are here to spill some tea and it is that packing your footwear smartly is NOT a myth! It's a very doable activity that you can undertake when you are headed for a vacation that you have worked so hard for or looked forward to for a long time

Because, how many times does it happen that we want to stuff all our favorite footwear for women in the suitcase but due to space crunch, it doesn't happen?

Well, we're changing the narrative around packing hacks, once and for all!

This blog will list some massively helpful packing hacks and tips that will change the way how you store your footwear in the suitcase.

So, here goes!

1. The rolling hack.

The first item in our list of packing tips and hacks constitutes separating as well as rolling smaller items of clothing or socks. Then, these can be stuffed or rolled into the shoes of your choosing. Doing so will achieve two things – space will be saved for other personal items and the rolled-up clothing will help the footwear to maintain its shape.

2. Invest in a travel shoe bag!

Sounds obvious but this is one of the most popular hacks for storing footwear in suitcases.

After all, it makes sense too. The bag will prevent the shoes from scratches or damage and the clothes from dirt as well as germs on the shoes.

This way, you will have a worry-free travel and Team SOUL will be happy to know that you paid heed to one of our packing hacks online.

3. Use shower caps!

Yes, worry-free travel comes under packing your footwear smartly and for that, you need shower caps.

Make sure that you use them for your shoes souls ONLY and that you pack them at the bottom of your suitcase. Another tip to travel worry-free is to clean your shoes before shoving them into shower caps!

4. THIS combination works!

The duo of packing paper and dryer sheets inside the shoes reduces the chances of any foul smell from your footwear.

Also, if, for some reason, you don't want to shove socks or small clothing items into your shoes, you can simply stuff the sheets inside and wrap the paper around them!

5. Grocery bag to the rescue.

The last of our packing hacks and tips include storing your footwear in a grocery bag. This is perhaps the most tried and tested solution for worry-free travel, don't you think?

Your leftover grocery bags will be used for one more purpose which also comes under caring a little extra for the Environment.

We wish you a safe and worry-free travel as well as a spacious holiday suitcase that holds ALL the footwear that you dreamt of bringing to your well-deserved vacation.

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