Fun Facts About Go With SOUL That You Should Know!

In case you missed it - Go with SOUL is an Indian footwear brand that began its operations in 2022.

Now that we're well into the new year, we wanted to reacquaint you with who we are, what we do, and why we do it.

Without any more waiting around, here are some fun facts about Go With SOUL that will make you more excited about shopping with us.

1. Why It Started

At first glance, you may think that we began this Indian footwear brand for the fun of it. However, that’s far from the truth.''

We began because we saw a huge gap in the Indian footwear market - one that couldn't fill the void of 'comfortable, affordable yet luxurious-looking footwear.' Our vision is to cater to women from all walks of life. You could be a diligent housewife wearing Go With SOUL flats, a fashion influencer working from home, or a hustler who loves her 9-5 job. Either way, you should be able to purchase our stylish flats and go anywhere your heart desires, in soles that speak to your soul.

2. How it started

Only after months of hard work, research, and intense discussions were we able to begin the manufacturing process of Go With SOUL flats.

However, even before that, we brainstormed about the women's slipper's brand name!

Many names were thrown around but in the end, we went with the name that made our hearts flutter every time we heard it.

There is bucketloads of creativity and innovation behind the designs of women's footwear that you see on the official Go with SOUL website.

3. Where Are We From?

Jaipur. Pink City. Whatever you'd like to call it. We function from the heart of the town in which we grew up and intend to grow old with Go with SOUL!

4. How Is It Special?

Well, the thing is that there are many women's footwear brands out there that are either similar or highly distinct from us.

But what makes us stand out is that we pour love and effort into each facet of the brand.

Whether it's any of our Instagram posts, new arrivals, packaging, or message from the founder, everything is brewed in such a way that helps you feel loved and leaves your soul replenished.

If you think that we simply SELL footwear for girls and women, then we'd like to mention that at the latest iteration of the Jaipur Literature Festival, we hosted a fun activity that prompted all the attendees to write down what made their souls happy and the entries we received! Oh, they were indisputably wholesome.

5. Why We Use PU Leather

We find PU leather an eco-friendly and safe alternative to real leather. Hence, all our fashionable women's slippers are made from this material.

The best part is that the comfort is not compromised and you can always walk into a room knowing that you're wearing the kind of women's flats that will start meaningful conversations.

BONUS FACT: Go With SOUL also functions from a physical store in Jaipur. Yes, you read that right. So, the stylish flats that you view on our website can be shopped from our Instagram-worthy store in real time!

There you have it. Some fun facts about Go with SOUL that will help you put things into perspective before or while shopping with us.

We hope you feel the spirit of unconditional love now.

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