Don’t EVER Do These 5 Things To Your SOUL Flats!

By this point, you have probably read a SOUL blog that decodes the five do's of wearing women's footwear. But have you ever thought of the five don'ts of wearing women's footwear?

Don't contemplate further and don't go Googling them either! We have the five rules of thumb right here, in this blog. They explain footwear-related activities you should NEVER undertake, according to Team SOUL's opinion plus experience.

1. Socks + sandals = bad combination!


Abstain from wearing any color of socks with any type of open-toe flats. Truth be told, socks and shoe fashion had become outdated long back. However, it seems to gain traction now and then.

There is a reason why we suggest against wearing socks and sandals/flats together. It's because when you wear any type of socks with them, the former steals the attention from the latter.

2. Protect shoes from moisture


One thing, among others, that we are sure of? It's that shoes HATE moisture. Its presence in the shoes can result in the growth of bacteria which can, in turn, deteriorate the shoes.

Their material will then break down more easily and ruin your chances of ever wearing them again.

We suggest either investing in moisture absorbers in shoe boxes or using desiccants like silica pouches or gels to keep them moisture-free.

If it's a DIY you'd like to try for sole care, then stuff the shoes with newspaper and change it every week or so.

3. Don't let the dust accumulate


It goes without saying that no one likes dusty shoes or having to dust them every time you have to wear them to go out.

So, how to keep your women's footwear dust free? We recommend dusting them regularly and cleaning the surrounding area that may be gathering dust as well.

Maintain a cleaning schedule to avoid dusty shoes. Since it takes only 21 days to build a habit, you will be able to develop this one too!

Remember that dusty shoes/SOUL flats = loss of natural color. Simple math, right?

4. Don't keep shoes under direct sunlight


Keeping shoes in sunlight is a big NO from us! The effects of direct sunlight on PU shoes are dire anyway so why take the risk with your precious SOUL flats in the first place?

If you end up keeping shoes in sunlight, they will start to dry-rot, and stiffen up which will then result in crumbling.

We suggest either storing your shoes in a high-quality shoebox or another controlled environment such as a shoe closet.

To conclude this point, no, your flats from SOUL don't need sunlight vitamins!

5. Don't use plastic shoeboxes


SOUL's soles and other women's footwear need proper air circulation, which cannot be provided by a plastic shoebox.

While using plastic shoeboxes may feel like the right decision, it surely isn't!

Opt for a bag made from breathable fabric and see the magic that courses through your soles because of it.

Thank you for reading the five don'ts of women's footwear. We hope you found this SOUL blog helpful enough!

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