Cute Comfortable Footwear For A Lazy Day

Have a long day ahead but don’t have the energy to get going? Already on your 5th cup of coffee but the exhaustion has settled at the bottom of your very being? On the endless things of missing articles, you’ve seemed to have also lost the will to get things done?

We hear you

On days like these, when you’re feeling groggy, grumpy or maybe, just lazy, you need comfortable footwear! But who said, lazy can’t be stylish and classy? Here are 4 styles of comfy sandals that look as good as they feel!

1. Slide into Comfort

It’s a lazy morning, you’ve managed to get out of bed, and get ready for your day, the last thing you want is to put in the effort of putting on shoes. Presenting, Slides! Why are they the perfect option? Because all you have to do is, slide them on! They add a look of neat perfection. Here are a few options just for you!

2. Strappy and Cozy

Versatile, functional and aesthetically pleasing, flats with straps will be your new go-to comfy sandals all year round! Not only do they add extra support to your feet, but you can also play around with the design of the straps, rendering them unquestionably unique. Criss-cross, symmetric, embellished or plain, these are the most comfortable shoes for standing all day. Add these to your wardrobe!

3. Flip Flops

From an office meeting to a coffee date and grocery runs in between, cute flip-flops undeniably give your soles a day-at-home feeling while looking stylistic and sweet. These daily wear shoes really add an air of elegance to your ensemble with minimum effort. Check out these cute flip flops!

4. Bows Galore

The best part about women’s comfortable footwear is that they can be really cute! This comfy footwear adds a stylish touch to your ensemble without you having to put in any effort. All you need to do is slide them on! SOUL has a range of adorable bow footwear to choose from.

Don’t let the day rule, rule the day stylishly with these easy and doable hacks!

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