Colour a Happy Day : How To Colour Block Outfits to Boost your Mood

There are a lot of things we can do when we are feeling down, like taking a walk, stretching, and drinking some water. But one of the most underrated mood enhancers is dressing up. Have you ever noticed that when you put on your favourite outfit, you're automatically in a better mood? Another mood booster is bright colours! Colours can affect your mood.

My one-stop solution to a better mood: Colour Blocking Outfits! What is colour blocking you ask? Oh well, let's jump right into it.

Colour blocking is using one or more solid colours in an outfit. They are usually bold, bright colours. The process is very simple, as the name suggests, the outfit uses one or more blocks/chunks of colour, all solid colours and popularly, opposite on the colour wheel.

Colour blocking first made its appearance in the modern world of fashion in 1946. Its debut was on the stage of Yves St. Laurent for his Fall/Winter show. This trend has only gotten bigger and better since then.

How to colour block an outfit?

Colour blocking an outfit takes a moment of creativity but there are tips and tricks to make it easier. There are three basic ways you can go about it. Don't feel shy to use a colour wheel to help match colours but don't be afraid to experiment as well!


By mixing and matching varying tones and elements of the same colour you can create a soft and fun attire! Look at it like a colour block hoodie paired with the same colour block jeans. If you're looking for a starting point, this is a great way to go about it. You can try bold purple pants with a lilac crop top and lilac flats and there you go! Maybe even add a lavender cap and a fanny pack. Don't forget to add a pair of footwear!

Same family, different colour

Ready for the next step? This is where we raise the stakes but still play it safe. This is the shift from the baby pool to the adult pool, with floaters of course. Play around a little. Try a red and pink colour block outfit. Orange and yellow or green and yellow are very popular options. Blue and green is also a favourite. Jlo and Blake Lively have both been spotted in the blue and green colour block looks.

Contrast all the way!

This is where we are going all out. Contrasting tones are the ultimate level of colour blocking. Choosing colours from the opposite ends of the wheel creates the most impact. This look is perfect to raise the vibration in any room. The bright colours will 100% attract those compliments leaving you feeling happy and carefree (even if for 5 minutes). This colour blocking outfit exudes happiness.

So the next time you're feeling low or need a pick-me-up, paint your outfit happy with these colour-blocking hacks! Slide into a better mood with colourful slides that keep your feet equally happy and comfortable. If you don't know where to look, I have a ton of suggestions for you on this website.

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