Celebrity Fashion: SOUL Footwear Edition

Celebrity fashion is everywhere. Whether you're scrolling through Instagram, Googling something, or finding something inspirational on Pinterest, you're bound to find a garment or a pair of shoes donned by a public figure.

Not to brag but Go With SOUL has found the pulse of the best flats trends. We stay updated about what's featured on runways and in fashion magazines. After doing so, we design our women's footwear to preserve our brand ethos and make trendy flats designs for women simultaneously. In short, we try to incorporate the best of both worlds here.

Perhaps, that's why the SOUL footwear bears a striking resemblance to the celebrity fashion of today's time.

But here's the catch: our edit of celebrity fashion features the most budget-friendly flats! This also means that you will be embracing celebrity fashion at a wallet-friendly price.

Without further ado, let's recount 3 Go With SOUL flats that are reminiscent of the quintessential celebrity style.

1. Cookie Dough Flats x Sara Ali Khan


This is celebrity fashion at its finest. Here's famous Bollywood actress Sara Ali Khan absolutely rocking a casual summer look. What completes her outfit are the white and brown flats, which as a coincidence would have it, look quite similar to our Cookie Dough Flats. So, will you also be taking these flats, a white top, and a pair of denim jeans for a spin soon?

2. Freesia Flats x Shraddha Kapoor


It's like seeing two peas in a pod! Our PU leather flats in pink color and the ones Shradha is wearing here to accentuate her chic going-out look are almost identical in appearance.

Every step in such flats is a step in the direction of comfort. So, we completely get why this famous Bollywood actress would opt for these pink flats!

3. Party Dancing Queen Flats x Deepika Padukone


Just when we thought we couldn't be more into celebrity fashion, this picture of a laughing Deepika Padukone popped up on the Go With SOUL Pinterest account!

The similar appearance almost knocked us over but we were quick to recover. We love how Deepika has added a touch of uniqueness to her otherwise simple airport look.

The question is - would you also be spotted wearing the heck out of a T-shirt and jeans with the help of our Party Dancing Queen Flats?

Celebrity fashion is constantly evolving. Every day, so many celebrities step out wearing the most exotic or eccentric outfits. But don't worry! Go With SOUL will be here - constantly observing each moment of iconic celebrity style and inculcating some aspect of it into its designs so that you also get main character vibes in Go With SOUL.

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