Bridesmaid Footwear You Can Actually Wear!

Tried of having to run around in uncomfortable shoes doing your bridesmaid’s duties? Exhausted at the thought of wearing a heavy wedding lehenga while holding your best friend's drink while she adjusts her bridal sandals or trying to squat down while you adjust those chappals? 

Been there, done that.

Weddings are about joy, love, and positive emotions in general and should not be about pain. We mean, yes, there are tears but only of joy.

As bridesmaids, we need to call together a committee to banish all painful wedding shoes. The memo should have a pain-free wedding plan! Ladies, we hear you and we are here for you.

We know while jotting down your lehenga ideas for bridesmaids, flat wedding shoes definitely make the list. SOUL brings to you a revolution in comfort and style! No more shoe bites, foot pain or exhaustion, we’ve got a soleful treat for you!

 Here are a few footwear ideas that match the vibe of your bridesmaid’s lehenga:

1. Classy Nudes

Not only do they go with everything, but they can be worn on normal occasions as well! Nude wedding shoes are classy and versatile. They can take you from function to function without having to take carry multiple pairs of flats.

2. Strappy Delights

Fasten your seatbelt ladies because your best friend’s wedding is a bumpy ride for sure. You need something that ensures your feet are taken care of while you’re taking care of your duties. Footwear with straps is your go-to.

3. Embellished Sandals

How much sparkle is too much sparkle? Whether you’re the sister of the bride or the best friend, your soles deserve to shine! With a toe separator or without, bejewelled looks good on everything, from subtle pastel lehengas to flamboyant bold shararas.

4. Elegant Flats

We can’t emphasise this enough. Your footwear has to be comfortable. The bride may be the show stopper, but you run the show. If your soles are not happy, it will show on your face and in extension, all the wedding pictures!

5. Pastel Picks

Who said you can’t wear pastels to a wedding? That is so two thousand and late. Subtle and pretty pastel hues give that Sabyasachi look to your wedding ensemble. 

Now that you have these brilliant alternatives, let’s say goodbye to uncomfortable bridal and bridesmaids' shoes and say hello to classy, comfortable and stylish wedding sandals!


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