Best Foods To Eat The Next Time You’re In Jaipur!

Jaipur - the land of rich heritage, grand forts, and scenic views. It's a serene city that promises an abundance of activities and experiences to the average traveler. And, that’s why this travel blog by Go With SOUL is dedicated to every travel lover (or even local) who finds themselves exploring the Pink City in search of something special for their taste buds.

Speaking of special, there's one commonality that brings travelers to Go with SOUL's humble abode, which is Jaipur's food.

Whether it's street food or decadent hotel food, Jaipur is bursting with flavor and unlimited options to eat out.

Ready to explore the best foods to eat in Jaipur?


Crunchy yet capable of melting in your mouth the minute you take a bite, Gol Gappas has to rank as some of the best food in Jaipur.

Whether you're a fan of spicy or sweet sauce, this street food will delight your taste buds immensely.

We recommend heading to Chawla's, Jaipur to get a taste of the ravishing Gol Gappas that we rave about in this food recommendations blog.


When you think of the best foods to eat in Jaipur or sumptuously spicy Rajasthani food, you instantly think of Pyaaz Kachori.

They may be high in calories but one bite later, you'll be sold! They're flaky and oozing with flavourful filling.

You can find this food recommendation at Rawat Mishthan Bhandar which is originally a sweet shop that also deals in other savory goods.


Imagine biting into a Parantha filled with grilled Kebabs, shredded veggies, and delectable green chutney. It's pure heaven and Kaathi Roll happens to be one of the best foods to eat in Jaipur at this point.

You will find this food recommendation at Al-Bake more popularly known as Chicken Paradise!


Who doesn't love a piping hot plate of Pav Bhaji? Almost everyone! In fact, you will find this food recommendation in almost all the blogs revolving around the best food in Jaipur.

The taste of freshly-baked Pavs accompanied by the vegetable gravy on which butter is floating? Always a good idea! Your diet could wait a day or two!

Find the best Pav Bhaji in Jaipur at Pandit's Stall near Birla Auditorium. It may not be grand but it accounts for years of popularity, good taste, and pocket-friendliness.


Whether it's summer or winter, omelets happen to be one of the most sumptuous, weather-friendly Jaipur foods to eat. Sandwiched between two pieces of bread and lined with butter or veggies of your choice, this is the best meal to eat in Jaipur that will make your foodie heart happy!

Wondering where to eat the best omelet in Jaipur? Sanjay Omelette in Bapu Nagar. Run by a MasterChef contestant and the proud provider of more than 20 egg variations, this place is perfect to experiment with something as unique as an Egg Pizza or as basic (yet great-tasting) as a Masala omelet.

Oh, lest we forget, if you are done eating all the delicacies mentioned above, do give the Go with SOUL store a visit. It resides at the heart of Jaipur and can be visited every day till 7 PM. Come, and experience the joy of shopping from the first-ever boutique footwear store in Rajasthan. Happy Munching and most certainly, Happy Shopping!

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