Best Emoji Inspired Flats For Women You Need Right Now

Hey diva! Are you someone who is obsessed with the cute trending emojis on WhatsApp?:face_with_monocle:

Well, why not add a hint of these cute emojis to your outfit too?

Being your ultimate fashion stylist here’s SOUL with a list of the best emoji-inspired flats for women you can slay your everyday look with.

1. Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats


If you are being :white_frowning_face: (sad emoji), here's SOUL's Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats that can instantly make you go :smile: (happy emoji)

Imagine, your beautiful feet in Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats, beside the lake, beneath the trees, fluttering and dancing in the breeze! Oh gosh! These will fit like poetry on your feet under a white dress.

2. Burgundy Bow Knot Slip On Flats

Burgundy Bow Knot Slip On Flats

Here's SOUL's Burgundy Bow Knot Slip On Flats to make your :heart: (heart emoji) skip a beat.

We are sure, you'll rule the room you walk in these beauties. The royal maroon shade and soft suede cushioning support you every step of the way.

3. Black Multiple strips Slip On Party Flat


Heading to buy your new :iphone:(iPhone emoji) iPhone 14? Well, you need SOUL’s Black Multiple strips Slip On Party Flat to wait comfortably in the long queues.

Black Multiple strips Slip On Party Flat is a pair of comfy footwear that is just perfect for you! With its multi-layered straps and wide sole, they keep you happy and on your toes all day, every day!

4. Pink Ankle Strap Flats


Watch out! :astonished: SOUL’s Pink Ankle Strap Flats can make you fall in :two_hearts: (love emoji)!

These pink flats for women are crafted with dainty elegance and soft hues. With a unique back strap, Rose is friendly, quirky and soft-soled.

5. Everyday Errands

We know these :womans_flat_shoe: (flats for women) will make everyone go WOW!:astonished:

Get your hands :raised_hands::skin-tone-3: on these and make heads turn as you step out.

With Love,

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