Become An Expert Picnic-Er With These 5 Iconic Outfits

Whatever the weather is, one thing that always brings a smile to my face is a Picnic! What's not to love? Drinks, sandwiches, cookies, your favourite book, music and your loved ones! But that's just my way of doing it. Picnic spots are versatile. The options are evergreen. You can have a small picnic in your own backyard or go to a park. A cute wicker basket, blanket, freshly baked bread, and afternoon drinks are staples. It can be a chirpy Sunday afternoon or a lazy mid-week sundowner. It can be a solo picnic date or a class picnic with your gym class lovelies.

But no matter what the idea is, one question that I always ask myself is what do I wear? Do I wear a dress or a cute top and jeans or should I go with a romper and a bandana? Picnic outfit ideas are limitless! So, after having done some research (so that you don't have to) here are 5 iconic picnic outfit ideas that will make you look like a professional picnic-er!

1. Cottagecore Dresses

Picture a Pinterest-approved floral maxi dress with or without a slit. It is the perfect balance between pastoral vibes and feminine energy. Your look can include a statement neckline, puff sleeves, and bandanas. Moreover, you can pair this look up with cute comfy sandals and you're good to go.

2. Athleisure

Who doesn't love oversized t-shirts and comfortable pants? You know what, don't answer that. But the point is, Athleisure is a great picnic outfit idea! It may not be your typical floral chic ensemble but it is a great choice for autumn (if you're wearing joggers) and summer (if you're going with a pair of cute little shorts). Add an overcoat to your look and it's the perfect winter picnic outfit idea!

3. Dungarees

Call them overalls if you like, we all have to agree Dungarees are absolutely adorable! They are not as versatile as athleisure. But no matter what material they are made of, but they sure set the mood. You can add a little pop with a bright t-shirt or make it check with a crop top or a halter neck top underneath. Accessorise with bracelets and necklaces and of course, this comfortable outfit deserves the most comfortable shoes! Pair them up with strappy shoes or white flats!

4. Oversized Sweatshirts or Cardigans

Taylor Swift's latest album is out soon and this is your sign to have a Taylor Swift-themed picnic! This is a great idea for Autumn picnics. If you’re wearing a dress you can pair it up with an open cardigan and if you're wearing jeans you can pair it up with an oversized sweatshirt. You can do your hair up in a cute little bun with a neat bow scrunchie.

5. Linen pants and culottes

Not just a picnic, linen pants suit every mood. It's light, it's airy and just so chic. Linen pants and culottes spell out classy like no other! These take you from morning coffee meetings to even office picnics effortlessly. Pair these up with classy yet comfortable walking shoes and watch the compliments roll in.

These picnic outfit ideas are perfect no matter what the weather or the spot! And do not forget, no matter what the look, comfortable shoes go the extra mile to ensure a good mood!

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