5 Wedding Occasions To Ditch The Heels & Slip On SOUL Flats!

Ladies and girls of SOUL – we have something important to say! And it’s that wedding footwear needs to get on with the times. And, the times in question are calling for comfort, comfort, and more COMFORT! Of course, we cannot compromise on style either. So, how about a mix of both during weddings? Whether you’re the bride, bridesmaid, or a close relative, you do need comfortable women’s footwear when you stay on your feet all day, right? So, how about embracing formal footwear for women that not only steals the show but gives love to your soul?

Of course, it’s your choice WHEN to wear our curated collection of flat wedding shoes. Lucky for you, we have some occasions worthy of SOUL’s formal footwear for women.

1. Shaadi Shopping

Long hours in the mall or at a bespoke boutique require your full attention and in moments like these, you shouldn’t have to worry about which wedding footwear to wear.

Hence, SOUL! Our women’s footwear online has been crafted from premium vegan leather which is not only durable but something you can endure while you choose your dream Lehenga or Sari.

2. During Dance Prep

Whether you’re on the hunt for flat wedding shoes for the bride or yourself, be assured that our assortment of women’s flats will save the day when you wish to dance your heart out or practice like there’s no tomorrow.

So, shake a leg with your wedding dance squad because SOUL’s flats will never restrain you from doing that!

3. When The Guests Arrive

We all know the hustle and bustle that unfolds when guests congregate somewhere before going to the wedding venue. In such cases, you should have your A-game going on in terms of meeting and greeting them.

We wish that when you do, you look as smart as you possibly can…that too in comfortable and formal footwear for women..like SOUL flats!

4. At the Pheras

Are you a bride who imagines being dog-tired when your Pheras are due? Or, are you a hardworking bridesmaid who just wants to enjoy the Pheras without worrying about the damage your sky-high heels will do to your feet? Well, we have a solution for you both!

If it’s flat wedding sandals for the bride or other wedding footwear for women that you have been searching for, the good news is that we have both. In various designs and myriad colors.

5. For after-wedding rituals

The thing is, heels feel overrated for times when you crave comfort. Imagine having attended an Indian wedding and not giving your feet a rest. We don’t want that. Hence, we suggest SOUL flats that are the epitome of convenience and high fashion.

Crafted with unconditional love, you hope to reinvent the narrative surrounding wedding footwear for ladies.

There you have it. Make SOUL your one-stop shop the next time you require wedding footwear for ladies, okay?

With Love, Go With SOUL.

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