5 Ways to Transform Your Outfit Without Effort

Have you ever been caught in a situation where you get a last-minute invite for either a dinner or a date but you’re stuck in the office and don’t have the time to get ready? Or you have a full-packed day ahead with meetings, and then a dinner with drinks but you don’t have the time for an outfit change?

Been there, done that and found a way around it! The number of times I have cancelled plans because I don’t have the time to get ready is ridiculous! Our day should work for us and not the other way around!

So here are 5 exciting and easy ways to change your look without any effort!

1. Denim Jacket

Wearing a denim jacket over your formal shirt instantly changes your look from formal to rock and ready to roll! It also leaves you the option to wear it off-shoulder or just not wear it at all! You can always just leave an extra jacket at the office or in your car and you will always be ready to party!

2. Change your Lipstick

Add a bit of colour and change the entire look of your outfit! Wear a bold red or a mesmerising dark rogue and watch your office outfit magically change into a party ensemble!

3. Roll up the Sleeves and Button-down

There’s something so stiff about formals. Office means business, we get it but after that, if you’re going for a dinner, you must let loose a little! Roll up the sleeves to make your formal office wear look casual and chic.

4. Change your Accessories

Nothing evolves your office shirt like a statement necklace! You can add a splash of colour or even just a plain silver choker. Wear heavier earrings or carry a sling bag. This will add an oomph factor to your ensemble. You can even add some rings and watch the compliments roll in.

5. Change your Hairdo

You’ve been working the whole day. Let your hair down and say cheers to the fact that you made it through! You can add a few hair accessories as well.

Do you know what the best part is? You don’t have to change your footwear! If you’re wearing SOUL’s footwear, we guarantee that you will sail through your day with minimal effort! So don’t wait for an occasion, shop now!

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