5 Soul Footwear You Need For Spring 2023

Spring has officially and finally arrived! Team Go With SOUL couldn't be happier. After all, when the days are sunny, we bring out our SOUL footwear and take them for a spin! It's the same during nightfall - when there's a slight nip in the air but we enjoy the breeze on our soles. The thing is, Go With SOUL flats don't disappoint - even when winter hasn't officially left us.

This is why this blog is a Spring Edit featuring all those flats for women which are perfect to wear in the 'neither winter nor summer' weather.

Shall we, then?

1. Brown & Yellow T-strap Flats


When flats for women are bright and just look right at one glance, you shop them!

These women's flats online are practically waiting to be paired with a sundress but hey! Don't forget to layer it up with a cardigan. The weather could still be a little chilly out there.

2. Brown Nude Open Toe Flat


Only classy flats for women that reflect who they truly are! It's highly important to don footwear that matches your lifestyle and personality. So, it's best to invest in these women's footwear online, especially when spring has sprung!

Just imagining how many outfits you can wear them with makes our heads spin. Whoosh!

3. Green Knotted Slip On Flats


These flats for women are the greenest green and yet there's something about them that stands out.

These PU slippers will let everyone know that you're in that Spring Mood without you having to say it.

Pair these sea green soles with your whitest maxi dress and before you know it, the compliments will come one after the other.

4. Blue Textured Waves Flats


The name says it all! These blue flats for women are ready to make waves in your social circle.

When we were researching Spring 2023 colors, this one was a little further down the line but it struck a chord with us.

Because the Spring Sky is blue, bottomless, and beautiful. So, it's natural that you wear it on your feet and cherish it.

5. Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats


Okay, so it might take you a while to count just how many colors there are on these flats for women. But once you do, you'll understand that these spring-friendly flats for women are perfect for the season and your wardrobe.

We value versatility and comfort. Hence, it's fair to say that these multi-colored flats are cushioned for utmost comfort.

The outfit combinations for spring which you can create while keeping these girl's flats in mind are also diverse.

We also feel that these Spring footwear especially can always be within hand's reach because they are also very occasion-friendly.

Do you have errands to run? Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats. Got a friendly get-together to attend? Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats. Want to walk around the house and do nothing? Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats!

These five flats for women certainly popped with a burst of color. We hope that not only your spring outfit style but also your spring footwear aesthetics bursts with vividness, and variety and of course Go With SOUL.

Thanks for making it to the end of another blog about flats for women. See you for another one!

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