5 Hacks For Footwear Storage SOUL Swears By!

Have you been on the lookout for fool-proof footwear storage solutions? Place your trust in Go With SOUL because we are here with the most practical and easily doable footwear storage ideas!

Keep reading to find the best ways to store your dear SOUL flats and other women's footwear.

1. Invest in a footwear storage cabinet

What if your SOUL footwear had a smaller home inside or outside your home? This way, you will always save up on house space, which you could use to store your other belongings.

A footwear storage cabinet not only helps your shoes and flats to be decluttered but also gives you the chance to segment your flats collections properly. You could do so according to color, style, occasion, etc.! The possibilities are endless.

So, whether it’s a simple wooden cabinet or a bespoke closet with glass doors, investing in a footwear cabinet is one of the most helpful footwear storage solutions.

2. Consider footwear storage on the ceiling

Nowadays, many home décor companies have started dealing in ceiling footwear storage and we feel that it certainly is an innovative storage footwear idea.

The lightweight and sturdy frame of the cabinet will help store shoes and SOUL flats of all sizes and colors efficiently. You can usually pull down box plates of the cabinets to achieve optimum storage.

3. Store them outside!

An outside footwear storage solution is precious for individuals who aren't the biggest fans of allowing footwear inside their homes.

Hence, storing your SOUL footwear in a garage or covered entryway is the "way" to go!

Of course, opt for an outside space that protects the footwear from all types of external factors such as rain, hail, direct sunlight, and extreme moisture.

Oh, and don't forget about the pests! Team SOUL cannot even begin to imagine what would happen if they got to your footwear!

PRO TIP: Shaking out your footwear frequently also prevents the pests from making a home inside your shoes!

4. Underbed footwear storage to the rescue!

Nowadays, modern marketplaces are coming up with under-bed footwear storage organizers. It's easy to slide them under the bed and never have to worry about them again.

A sturdy base and a constant flow of air also ensure that your SOUL flats stay in great shape.

5. Create a planogram of footwear

If you have hoarded a large number of SOUL flats (glad that you have, by the way!), creating a footwear planogram is a good starting point.

But wait…what is a planogram? It’s a visual of how your footwear should be displayed in any personal space that you choose to put your footwear in. This way, you’ll be able to navigate where each pair of flats is and plan where you want your footwear to go.

This may be more common for retail stores but since SOUL stands for the spirit of unconditional love, we’d like to extend that love to your footwear as well, even if it means altering the narrative in some way!

We hope you found plenty of footwear storage ideas after reading this blog.

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