5 Embellished Flats By Go With SOUL That Help You Shine Bright Like A Diamond

Hello, readers of the Go With SOUL blog! Here's a question: have you ever been a fan of embellished flats? You know, the ones that are reminiscent of red-carpet glamour and all that dramatic razzle-dazzle?

If you're nodding and if you've been meaning to shop for embellished footwear online for a while, then this Go With SOUL blog is the perfect place to be.

Not only are we going to list the best-embellished footwear in our repertoire but we're also going to explain WHY we came up with an embellished flats collection in the first place.

Let's begin!

So, we designed these glammed-up women's flats because we want you to fall in love with the idea of dressing up. Our "sole" wish is that you look forward to wearing these women's embellished footwear with your party outfits. And when you do, the Compliment Session ensues! From left, right, and center, you'll be asked- "Hey, where'd you get that footwear from?" And we know your answer, don't we?

The thing is, some parties will be long and exhausting. You'll dance the night away or spend it on your feet, talking and nurturing connections. In such special moments, we want you to take the spotlight in our line-up of embellished footwear!

The sparkle, the shine, and the mystery that lurks within and on the outside of these Go With SOUL flats are hard to miss. collection in the first place.

And, that's why we've designed this women's flats collection. To help you stand out without it being obnoxious or unpleasant in any way.

Now that we've told you the ideation behind this Go With SOUL's flats online, we'd like to take you through some of the shiny flats for women which we know you'll love!

1. Brown Embellished Three Strap Slip On Flats


Studded with iridescent stones, this casual embellished footwear online is essential for your next soiree! Slip them on and take over the world.

2. Rose Gold Embellished Cross Strap Slip On Flat


Rose gold beauties, just for you! This embellished footwear is soft, cushioned, and the epitome of comfort. Don them at your Bestie's birthday bash or a dance-off. Either way, they'll glimmer away.

3. Diamond Embellished Black Slip On Party Flat


Hey, Diamond Embellished Black Slip On Party Flat! The perfect slip-on embellished footwear is adorned with sequins and crafted carefully from PU leather. Shop now and make going out a grand affair.

4. Brown Embellished Double Strap Flat


The radiance of gold, metallic and brown converge to make this embellished footwear the stars that they are. They are also so soft that you feel like you're gliding into every event you're invited to.

5. Maroon Embellished Two Straps Toe Ring Flats


Lined with Maroon Embellished Two Straps Toe Ring Flats, these ox blood and white flats for women are a dream come true for Go With SOUL women who love dressing up and conquering the party scene. The open-toe closure takes care of your comfort too.

Happy Shopping with Go With SOUL. We hope we're able to embellish your shoe wardrobe with our stylish flats for women.

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