5 Best Heart Winning Flat Footwear Designs By Go With SOUL Jaipur

Since the launch of Go With SOUL, we have felt the spirit of unconditional love from so many of you. Moreover, what we're immensely grateful for are the five flat footwear designs that you have made viral! The thing is that after observing a collective appreciation for the flat footwear for ladies listed below, we wanted to share them with you. After all, sharing is caring and we can't wait to share these amazing "on repeat" footwear with you!

Are you ready to be eye candy when it comes to wearing stylish flat footwear? Then, here we go!

1. Almond Brown Knotted Flats


These tan flat footwear for women come in a slip-on design and are cushioned for your comfort. They may be semi-formal but they can do wonders with office outfits. Imagine slaying in them while wearing a beige shirt for women and white flared pants. The flat footwear will make you look super classy!

2. Turquoise Slip On Puffy Top Flat


Here's what we think: turquoise color turns you into instant eye candy. Which means these turquoise flat footwear for women have been launched at the perfect time, right? They are a slip-on design and so soft that you feel waves of comfort when you're on your feet! We would recommend pairing these semi-formal flat footwear for ladies with a white maxi or mini dress to embrace the summer vibe.

3. Beige One Toe Strappy Flats


Who said only women's footwear could be eye candy? Why can't the name of flat footwear also do the job? SOUL proudly introduces to you these open-toe, strappy flat footwear for ladies that are all about versatility and simplicity.

The soft flat footwear will take you to the office and the office party in the blink of an eye!

4. Multi Colourblocked Braided Slip On Flats


Le viola! You just found the eye candy of flat footwear designs and you’re going to love it. The pop of colour in these flat footwear for ladies is a refreshing take on women’s footwear, in general. These slip-on flats are perfect for semi-formal occasions such as brunch with the girls or a road trip with the Fam!

5. Brown & WhiteToe RIng Flats

Brown & WhiteToe RIng Flats

SOUL strikes again with a cheeky name for its flat footwear, don’t you agree? Whether it’s the stylish toe-ring design or the classy combination of white and brown, this flat footwear for ladies is a show-stealer through and through. Wear them with ANY outfit and you’ll notice how they bring your outfit to life.

As we near the end of this SOUL blog, we’d like to express again how thankful we are for the love you have given to our flat footwear for women.

Happy Shopping when you Go With SOUL!

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