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Hey beautiful! Is your skin giving you an excuse to hide under your blanket? Are you struggling to find ways of dealing with your pimples once and for all? If this seems like you, then let SOUL be your skincare routine guide today.

Clear skin is a sign of good skin and health. But, sometimes our skin decides to act up. Luckily, there are ways to deal with this tricky phase. With basic skincare routine steps, you can have the clear skin you’ve always wanted.

Here are some easy skincare steps for combination skin that you can follow:

1. Exfoliate and Cleanse

Exfoliate and Cleanse

1. Exfoliate and Cleanse

The first step in the skincare routine for sensitive skin is cleansing. It works like a magnet, attracting dirt and oil from your pores. This helps you achieve a cleaner and more refined skin texture.

Cleansing can be done with a face wash or a face scrub. Exfoliating your skin can improve blood circulation, which will help your skin stay hydrated and healthy.

2. Toner

After you cleanse your skin, the next step in your skincare routine should be to apply toner. It will close your skin’s pores, which in turn helps to prevent breakouts.

Toner can also be used in skincare routine for acne-prone skin to treat breakouts and redness.

2. Toner


3. Apply Hydrating Serum

Apply Hydrating Serum

3. Apply Hydrating Serum

Face serums are a must-to-add to your night face care routine for getting rid of your skin issues because they are concentrated. They leave a long-lasting effect on your skin and are helpful for acne-prone skin as they contain anti-inflammatory ingredients that can easily calm your skin.

4. Moisturize- layering is the key

Once you’ve applied the serum to your skin, you need to lock in that hydration by applying a moisturizer. This will also prevent your skin from looking dull and help you achieve the glow you crave for.

4. Moisturize- layering is the key

Moisturize- layering is the key


If you are looking for a skincare routine for dry sensitive skin, choose a formula that is scent-free and fragrance-free.

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