3 Tips to Style Your Party Flats from Go With SOUL

Headed out for the night and looking for the best party flats online? We've got the solution for you - SOUL footwear that will keep you extremely comfortable as you dance the night away. Our range of party flats is also stylish so that you won't have to comprise on that aspect of your outfit.

Now that we've established what you'll be wearing during the party season, shall we tell you which tips will help you style the SOUL footwear like a pro?

1. Opt for statement-making flatss

The more unique, the better. Choose those party flats that feature eye-catching details such as embellishments or metallic accents. Pair these attention-grabbing women's flats with a simple dress to let your shoes take center stage.

One such pair of SOUL flats which you can buy is the Party Love Glow Flats.

2. Play with colors

When you wear party flats in hues like red, blue, or even fuchsia, you add life to your party outfit instantly.

You can either pair such vibrant women's flats with neutral-colored outfits or wear ladie's flats that compliment a color in your outfit.

Interested in a pop of color? We think that the Viola Flats are our best pick!

3. A sprinkle of sparkle

Want to feel "too glam to give a damn" in your party outfits? Then, it's the sparkle that you should go for in your party flats! Whether it's glittery ones or the ones adorned with rhinestones, you'd be amazed by how much this type of women's footwear can upgrade your look. A little black dress would look amazing with sparkly SOUL footwear, we believe.

Oh, we've dedicated a whole collection to such party flats online. Take a look at our embellished collection here.

By following this set of tips by Team SOUL, you can create the perfect party outfit without making your soles suffer. So, don't be shy and purchase your next pair of SOUL footwear that will make you look chic and trendy for your next night out.

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